Friday, January 25, 2008

World's Finest Comics #174

World's Finest Comics #174 (On Sale: January 25, 1968) features an interesting cover by Neal Adams.

"Secret of the Double Death-Wish" is by Cary Bates, Pete Costanza and Jack Abel. Superman and Batman respond to mental reports that the other hero is in trouble. When they arrive at the location given in the report the heroes enter a maze where they face several physical and psychological attacks. After these attacks, the heroes crack and give up their secrets to their captors. I'm not going to say any more about this story; it is one of those "you don't really know what is going on" plots that DC was so infamous for.

The back-up story, "Zero Hour in the Silent City," starring Green Lantern is reprinted from Green Lantern #12 and is by John Broome, Gil Kane and Joe Giella. Pieface, Green Lantern’s friend, begins keeping a case-book of Green Lantern’s exploits. In it, he records a recent adventure.

Hal Jordan is working on a technical problem involving stress on the wings of a new aircraft. Unable to come up with a solution, Hal decides to take some time off and relax. He attends a ballgame and enjoys a date with Carol Ferris. While on the date, he comes up with the solution to his problem. He heads back to the office right away to work on it. During the drive there, Hal remembers that he has forgotten to charge his ring, and it is almost out of power.

Suddenly, all sound in the city around him ceases and everything is quiet. Realizing that something strange is occurring, Hal changes to Green Lantern and investigates. With only a few moments of power in his ring, he tracks the source of the phenomenon to a super-sonic drill being used by some safe-crackers.

Edited by Mort Weisinger.

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rob! said...

how could any kid not buy this comic off the stands, with that cover?