Friday, January 11, 2008

Green Lantern #59

Green Lantern #59 (On Sale: January 11, 1968) has an excellent Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson cover; this is one of my favorites.

"Earth's Other Green Lantern" is by John Broome, Gil Kane and Sid Greene. On a visit to Oa, Hal Jordan looks back in time to see Abin Sur's death. While watching he learns that before summoning Hal to bequeath him the power ring and battery, the dying alien located another man that met the requirements to become a Green Lantern. Hal was chosen because he was closer, but Guy Gardner was also honest and without fear.

Hal wonders what would have happened if he hadn't been chosen to become Green Lantern. The Guardians then show him a means to see how Guy would have done as GL. In this alternate timeline, Guy receives Abin Sur's ring and becomes Green Lantern.

Gardner uses the ring to fight crime on Earth just like Hal. Their histories are very similar including battles against Sonar, Sinestro, and other foes. However, during one trip home from outer space, Guy takes a route Hal never did. On this route, Guy lands on the planet Ghera where the adult population has died off. The children broke into two groups and are at war with one another. Guy stops the war and brings peace to the world.

When Guy returns to Earth he contracts the same yellow plague that killed the adults of Ghera. As he is dying Guy summons Hal to his side and gives him the power ring. In this hypothetical timeline Hal becomes Green Lantern, just like in the real one.

After watching the events in the alternate timeline, Hal returns to Earth. He then looks up Guy Gardner and starts a friendship with him, but he doesn't tell Guy that he is Green Lantern.

This classic Green Lantern story has been reprinted in Green Lantern #184.

Edited by Julius Schwartz.

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