Tuesday, January 1, 2008


This is the year I became a DC Comics fanatic. At the time I had no idea this bustling, exciting environment that was representative of DC in 1968 was something new; I thought it had always been like that. 1968 was a time of great change at DC, as you will see in the year to come if you keep coming back here. Some of my favorite creators and characters come to DC this year.

What's to come? Here is just a taste:

Steve Ditko! After leaving Amazing Spider-Man and jumping to Charlton, Ditko comes to DC with two new creations: The Hawk and the Dove and The Creeper. I loved both books, though on recent re-readings the Hawk and the Dove seems quite dated and a little quaint.

The Secret Six begins and though they will not last long, they were a really fun and unique ride while they lasted.

Joe Orlando becomes an editor and tries, with some degree of success, to recreate the hosted horror/mystery titles of EC Comics fame.

Dick Giordano comes over from Charlton; Dick was, beyond any doubt, my favorite editor of all time. I loved just about every book he ever touched, including my favorite series of all time.

Bob Kane's contract is bought out by Carmine Infantino and Batman is turned into a much darker, mysterious character.

Bat Lash begins, DC's unique humorous western about a flower-sniffing ladies man who just can't seem to keep out of trouble.

Wonder Woman is completely revamped becoming an un-super-powered Emma Peel-type heroine.

Gil Kane and Wally Wood bring the Captain Action toy to life as a DC comic.

Man, is this going to be a great year here!

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