Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Superboy #145

Superboy #145 (On Sale: January 2, 1968) features just another cool Neal Adams cover.

"The Fantastic Faces" is by Otto Binder, George Papp and Frank Springer. Jolax, the head of Galaxo Movie Studios in the dimension known as Thraxx, has created a new show for that dimension's equivalent of television. When most people believe the show is filmed in Jolax's studio, it is really filmed with a telescope that can penetrate dimensions and features Superboy. The show is a hit, but sponsors want Jolax to cast younger foster parents for the Boy of Steel. To accomplish this, Jolax sends a youth formula to Smallville and puts it in the Kents' well water.

When the Jonathan and Martha drink the water they their youth is restored. Superboy initially thinks the effect is temporary, but soon realizes it is permanent. Fearing that the sudden youth of his parents will draw suspicion that Clark is Superboy, the Boy of Steel arranges for other senior citizens of Smallville to drink the water. He then creates a phony comet which is blamed for the youth effect. Superboy's identity is safe, and the Kents remain young.

The back-up is "Superboy Meets William Tell" from Superboy #84 and is by Jerry Siegel and George Papp. Clark Kent is assigned to write a report about William Tell. To research the facts, he travels back in time as Superboy. Superboy witnesses the events that lead to Tell shooting the apple off his son’s head. Just prior to the historic event, Tell’s confidence is shaken. Superboy allows Tell to practice on him as an invulnerable target. Tell eventually gets it right before the actual event in which he succeeds on the first try.

Edited by Mort Weisinger.

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