Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Metamorpho #17

Metamorpho #17 (On Sale: January 23, 1968) sports another cover by Jack Sparling.

"Last Mile for an Element Man" is by Bob Haney and Jack Sparling. Following his defeat of Jezeba's army in the last issue, Metamorpho prepares to confront Mr. Shadow. However, before he can act, authorities step in and arrest him for the murder of Sapphire's husband, Wally Bannister. Metamorpho complies with the authorities, though he proclaims his innocence. During this time, Mr. Shadow escapes.

Metamorpho is brought to trial where witnesses claim that Metamorpho murdered Bannister. His alibi about being in the legendary city of Ma-Phoor is disregarded, and the Element Man is sentenced to death. Given his powers, the authorities place Metamorpho in a chamber frozen to absolute zero and dump him in the ocean.

Element Girl attempts to rescue Rex, but she is obstructed by a man calling himself the Prosecutor. The villain reveals that he framed Rex on behalf of an unnamed client. Despite the Prosecutor's efforts Element Girl succeeds in freeing Metamorpho. The two freaks then follow the villain.

The Prosecutor leads Metamorpho and Element Girl to Algon, Jezeba's former lover who was also an Element Man. Metamorpho battles his counterpart and learns that Algon killed Bannister. Since he looks like Metamorpho, witnesses believes that Rex was responsible. Following the battle, Algon perishes in a lava bed.

The Prosecutor then makes contact with his hidden client. The mystery man is angry that the villain has failed to stop Metamorpho despite framing him for murder. He then unleashes a swarm of killer insects to deal with the Prosecutor. Reprinted in Showcase Presents: Metamorpho Vol. 1 TPB.

Though this story was intended to be continued in issue #18, the book is cancelled with this issue and the storyline is left unresolved. When Metamorpho next appears, in Brave and the Bold #101, the unresolved plot threads from this story are never mentioned.

Edited by George Kashdan.

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