Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Action Comics #361

Action Comics #361 (On Sale: January 30, 1968) has an interesting Neal Adams cover. I like the Superman figure, but the Parasite figure looks a mite strange to me.

"The Power of the Parasite" is by Jim Shooter and Al Plastino; this is Plastino's last story for Action Comics after drawing for the book for 20 years. An alien geographer discovers a glowing space cloud near Earth. The cloud registers as a life form, so the alien brings it aboard his ship and restores the cloud to its former form, the Parasite. The villain quickly steals the alien's energy and returns to Earth.

The Parasite then takes a job in disguise at the Daily Planet as Larcon P. Leech. Having learned Superman's secret identity, the Parasite is able to get close to Clark Kent and slowly siphon off his powers.

The back-up is "Supergirl's Super-Date" by Otto Binder and Kurt Schaffenberger. Linda Danvers participates in a computer dating service at Stanhope College. Linda is matched with Duane Todd, another student on campus. As the couple begins dating, Linda becomes convinced that the boy possesses super powers and might be from Krypton.

Edited by Mort Weisinger.

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