Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Inferior Five #7

Inferior Five #7 (On Sale: January 23, 1968) sports a Winslow Mortimer and Tex Blaisdell cover. This is Blaisdell's first work at DC, though he did write a story for Police Comics #8 in 1942.

"Drainy Day" is by E. Nelson Bridwell, Winslow Mortimer and Tex Blaisdell. While searching for a mugger in the sewers, the Inferior Five meet their friend Thor and give him a make-over. As they continue on their pursuit of the crook, the heroes meet Prince Nabob, Iron Pants, and the Cobweb Kid who are looking for Thor and become involved in a murder plot.

The Inferior Five and several of the other people from the sewers eventually gather in a room to find the murderer. The killer then reveals himself as Dr. Diabolical who has been posing as an old lady. The villain then attempts to transfer the powers of the team into one of his henchmen, but instead transfers their weaknesses.

Edited by Joe Orlando in his first book as a DC editor.

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