Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Strange Adventures #210

Strange Adventures #210 (On Sale: January 30, 1968) features a nice Deadman cover by Neal Adams.

"Hide and Seek" is by Jack Miller and Neal Adams. Deadman decides to check with the police department to find how the investigation of his murder is proceeding. He learns that Detective Michael Riley was assigned to his case, but the cop was fired after he was framed for beating up a suspect. He also learns that one of the witnesses to Riley's attack was a man with a hook.

Deadman takes control of Riley and tracks down witness Peter Bones, an ex-boxer. He gets Bones to confess to the frame job which was instigated by the Hook. Before Riley can summon help, Hook kills Bones and leaves town. Deadman finds evidence which clears Riley and a trail which shows that Hook may have gone to Mexico. Reprinted in Brave and the Bold #100 and Deadman #3.

The first back-up story is "Time-Traveling into the Past and Future," reprinted from Real Fact Comics #4 and drawn by the great science-fiction master Virgil Finlay.

The second back-up is "Designs for Disaster" drawn by Nick Cardy and reprinted from House of Secrets #19.

Edited by Jack Miller.

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