Friday, February 12, 2010

Girls' Love Stories #150

Girls' Love Stories #150 (On Sale: February 12, 1970) has a cover by. well, I don't know, but I know it is not by Nick Cardy as the GCD says.

This issue begins with "Confessions, Episode #4" drawn by John Rosenberger. Next is our cover-story, "Her Secret Shame" penciled by Tony Abruzzo. We end with "Wallflower" with the unusual art team of Wally Wood and Murphy Anderson. I don't know if I believe this credit, as I never heard of these two working together and Wood inked most of his own work. If anyone has this book, I would sure like to see some of these pages.

Nick Katradis actually owns most of the "Wallflower" pages, and has them online for those interested in viewing. Nick has identified the artists as Werner Roth with Wally Wood providing the inks.  this makes so much more sense than the Wood/Anderson team. Thanks Nick!

Edited by Joe Orlando.


nkatradis said...

Keller, hi, this is nick katradis.

i own 7 of the the 10 pages from "Wallflower" story in GLStories #150, drawn by Wood and inked my Anderson.

Can you look at these pages and confirm that these are Wally Wood pencils? or not.
I also wonder sometimes why Wally Wood would not ink his own pencils.


-Keller said...

Nick it looks like you have correctly identified the artwork; this is Wood's inks and Werner Roth is a pretty good guess for the pencils.