Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Teen Titans #11

Teen Titans #11 (On Sale: July 18, 1967) has a nice Nick Cardy cover. Missing are the Go-Go Checks and ugly logos that marred Nick's previous TT covers. Robin is pushed to the back to spotlight Speedy's return. Note how in just a few issues the TT's have gone from looking 12 or 13 to looking 17 or 18.

Inside we have "Monster Bait" by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy. Speedy returns to help the Teen Titans when they go to the aid of boy genius Willie Gregson, whose summer job is that of assistant to famed scientist Dr. Simon Finley. A criminal gang tries to blackmail Wille, whose father, now a respected businessman, is an ex-convict, forcing Willie to steal Dr. Finley's secret nerve gas formulae for them. The Titans tangle with scuba divers and a fake sea monster in this book-length story. Reprinted in DC Super Stars #1.

Edited by George Kashdan.

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