Friday, July 13, 2007

Green Lantern #55

Green Lantern #55 (On Sale: July 13, 1967) features a Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson cover.

"Cosmic Enemy Number One" is by John Broome and Gil Kane. In it Actor Roger Vicker is killed while portraying Green Lantern. Vicker's brother Charley wants to help the real Green Lantern find the killer, but GL learns that the murder was part of a coordinated attack from offworld on all Green Lanterns. Charley is therefore left on Earth, but GL uses his ring to establish a mind-link allowing Charley to stay informed about GL's progress.

Green Lantern flies to Oa where the Green Lantern Corps is briefed by the Guardians. Prisoners of a prison planet are behind the attack which have killed several Green Lanterns using mini-nucleo energy. The prisoners were able to break free with the help of Earth criminal Al Magone who was placed on the planet in 1928 by Abin Sur.

The Green Lantern Corps confront the villains directly. Many Green Lanterns are maimed or killed in the battle, and Earth's Green Lantern finds himself trapped in a yellow spaceship. Using the pre-established mind-link with Vicker, GL is able to teleport Charley to his location. Charley then frees Hal from the ship. GL gives Charley a power ring from one of the dead Green Lanterns, then they rejoin the battle with the criminals.

Edited by Julius Schwartz.

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