Friday, July 27, 2007

Action Comics #354

Action Comics #354 (On Sale:July 27, 1967) has a Curt Swan and George Klein cover.

Inside we have "Captain Incredible" by Cary Bates and Al Plastino. Superman is upstaged several times by a new crimefighter calling himself Captain Incredible. The new hero looks puny and wears glasses, but possesses more power than even the Man of Steel. After helping Superman on several occasions, Captain Incredible suddenly begins to attack. Superman is unable to stop his opponent, so he retreats through the time barrier.

Arriving in the 27th century, Superman visits inventor Dane Gnorr, who created a special fabric with which Captain Incredible's costume is made. Gnorr explains that he built Captain Incredible who is really a robot. He then sent the robot back in time to help Superman. A side effect of the time trip however has turned him against the Man of Steel.

Superman returns to the 20th century and challenges Captain Incredible.

The back-up Supergirl story is "The Brain-Stealers" by Leo Dorfman and Jim Mooney and continues from Action Comics #353. Supergirl has been forced to serve as a living library on Zorkia by the disembodied brains of that world. The brains seek to restore their bodies, so that they can conquer the galaxy. Knowing their intentions, Supergirl refuses to help them.

The brains then try to trick Supergirl by having her use her super powers on seemingly trivial tasks. They are able to transfer her powers to their queen Neolla who has been stored in suspended animation.

Edited by Mort Weisinger

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