Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Metamorpho #14

Metamorpho #14 (On Sale: July 25, 1967) features a Sal Trapani cover.

"Enter the Thunderer" is by Bob Haney, Sal Trapani and Charles Paris. Continuing the story from Metamorpho #13, after preventing a battle between Element Girl and Sapphire for his affections, Metamorpho answers a call for help from Simon Stagg's School of Science. The school is under the attack of a costumed crook called Neutrog, who possesses powers over all the elements. Neutrog seeks to bring about Armageddon by preparing for the arrival of the Thunderer. The villain then incapacitates Metamorpho with an atomic pile.

Due to the atomic exposure, Metamorpho becomes radioactive and deadly to mankind. Simon Stagg launches him into space to protect Earth. With Metamopho gone, Earth is left open to attack from the Thunderer, a mutant being who wants to cause Armageddon. Conventional military weapons prove useless against the villain. Earth seems defenseless, until Metamorpho returns.

Element Girl was also aboard Metamorpho's rocket and brought it back to Earth. She then joins Metamorpho against Neutrog and the Thunderer. During the battle Neutrog is defeated, then abandoned by the Thunderer. However, the Thunderer's powers appear to ultimately destroy Metamorpho. Reprinted in Showcase Presents:Metamorpho Vol. 1 TPB.

Edited by George Kashdan.

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