Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Inferior Five #4

Inferior Five #4 (On Sale: July 18, 1967) has a Mike Sekowsky and Mike Esposito cover featuring the Five and Thor!

"Valhallaballoo" is written by E. Nelson Bridwell and drawn by Mike Sekowsky and Mike Esposito. Bored with the heroes of Asgard, Odin sends the Valkyries to Earth to fetch some new heroes to entertain him. Unable to find any heroes in Scandinavia, the Valkyries visit Megalopolis where they find the Inferior Five. They bring the heroes back to Asgard to meet Odin and the other Norse gods.

The Inferior Five soon meet Thor who is interested in visiting Midgard. The team returns to Earth with Thor and three other Asgardians. Thor assumes the identity of a baseball player, Don R. Blitz. Loki however has followed Thor to Earth. After a battle between Loki and Thor, the Asgardians plan to return home. However, the baseball team owner tells Thor that he is under contract and must remain to play baseball.

Edited by Jack Miller.

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Will Dockery said...

I remember this classic well, and remember reading it over and over, along with the Marvel Thor, for several years after the book came out. Thanks for the memories.