Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blackhawk #236

Blackhawk #236 (On Sale: July 11, 1967) as usual has a cover by Dick Dillin and Charles Cuidera I find this one more interesting than most of the recent Blackhawk covers.

Inside we have "Melt, Mutant, Melt" by Bob Haney, Dick Dillin and Charles Cuidera. Having completed their mission in a foreign land last issue, the Blackhawks make their escape across the border with the aid of the giant twins Romulus and Rufo. Once they reach safety the team parts ways with the giants and return to their headquarters. As soon as they arrive another urgent mission again forces them into action.

The Blackhawks fly to the lab of government scientist Dr. Manton. Manton claims to have been turned into a mutant by one of his experiments, but Blackhawk realizes that the man is a spy. The Blackhawks are defeated one-by-one, until only Blackhawk himself remains.

Edited by George Kashdan.

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