Thursday, August 6, 2015

Swing With Scooter #30

Swing With Scooter #30 (On Sale: August 6, 1970) has a cover by Henry Scarpelli.

We being this issue with Scooter in  "Money, Money, Money,"  a nine page tale by John Albano, Stan Goldberg and Henry Scarpelli, which was reprinted in Best of DC #45, 14 years later. Go figure.

Next is "Not the Silent Type," a one-page Scooter piece.

That is followed by "Eat and Be Sorry," also a one-pager, this time featuring Penny and Cookie.

Penny and Cookie get expanded coverage in "Pool Little Rich Girl," which clocks in at four pages.  

That is followed by a one-page entitled "Mister Clean." 

The book ends with "Scooter's Big Splash," a six page Scooter story drawn by Art Saaf and Wally Wood. 

Edited by Joe Orlando.

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