Thursday, August 13, 2015

Girls' Love Stories #154

Girls' Love Stories #154 (On Sale: August 13, 1970) has a cover by, well, we are not quite sure. Sequential Crush seems to think this is Bill Draut, but I don't think so. I'm thinking more like Ric Estrada.

Our cover story, "Too Spoiled for Love" is drawn by Ric Estrada and Jack Abel. Lila is a part of the local rich crowd, a spoiled girl just out for fun, breaking the heart of any guy who gets serious for her. Then one night her car breaks down on the way to a club and Brett stops to assist her. She invites him to join her in the club and very soon Lila realizes that she is seriously smitten with Brett. 

Plans for a "real" date are thrown up in the air when Lila's father informs her that he has invited his new assistant to dinner. She calls Brett and lets him know their date will have to be postponed, but later, when she heads downs to meet the assistant, she finds it is Brett.

Lila plays along as her father tries to hook the two kids up, but when Brett and Lila get some private time she is furious, figuring he only stopped to help her to get ahead with her father.She chases him out of the house and out of her life, but when she tries to resume her playgirl lifestyle, she finds that all she has on her mind is Brett.

She decides that one way to get over him is to overdoes on Brett, so she asks her father if she can work on the assembly line which Brett manages. Her tedious job is to keep track of the pressure gauges on some chemical tanks, but she is distracted by Brett's presence and one of the tanks explodes. Horrified by what her negligence has caused, she leaves. Later her father tells her that Brett admitted to forgetting to inspect the gauges and so he fired him.

Realizing that Brett only took the blame for her mistake out of love for her, Lila rushes to Brett and, of course, they live happily ever after.

Next is an eight-pager, "Country Girl," drawn by Artie Saaf and Frank Giacoia

That is followed by  "Advice to the Lovelorn," a three-page story drawn by George Tuska and Vinnie Colletta.

We end with "Awakened Heart," a seven-page reprint from Secret Hearts #38. This story is drawn by Arthur Peddy and Bernard Sachs and has been touched up to modernize the clothes and hairstyles. 

Edited by Joe Orlando.

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