Thursday, August 20, 2015

Super DC Giant S-20

Super DC Giant S-20 (On Sale: August 18, 1970) has a House of Mystery cover by Neal Adams. Another not-so-great Adams cover, but not really his fault. The sidebar, particularly the coloring of the sidebar, just sucks all the life out of this cover.

The book begins with the only non-reprint material, the 11-page "Room 13" drawn by Jack Sparling which is used as a framing sequence around the book's reprinted material.

Speaking of reprinted material, we begin with "Black Magic For Sale" a six-page tale drawn by Bill Ely and reprinted from House of Mystery #46.

Next up is "The Second Death of Abraham Lincoln," another six-page tale, this one by Arnold Drake and Leonard Star and reprinted from House of Mystery #51.

"The Thing in the Box" is yet another six-page story, this one drawn by Jack Kirby and reprinted from House of Mystery #61. Hmmm, there's that guy Kirby again.

That is followed by "The Laughing Ghost of Warwick Castle," a change-of-pace four-page yarn drawn by George Papp and reprinted from House of Mystery #56.

Next is "Riddle of the Red Roc," a six-pager drawn by Jack Kirby and reprinted from House of Mystery #63. Wow, a lot of Kirby reprints this month.

Next we have "The Lady and the Creature," a six-page tale drawn by Nick Cardy and reprinted from House of Mystery #63.

That is followed by "The Thief of Thoughts," another six-page story and once again drawn by Jack Kirby. This one was reprinted from House of Mystery #66.

The word from high is...

We end with "The Ghost Snowman," a four-page story drawn by Mort Drucker and Joe Giella and reprinted from Sensation Mystery #114.

Edited by Joe Orlando.

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