Thursday, August 6, 2015

Falling in Love #118

Falling in Love #118 (On Sale: August 6, 1970) has a nice cover by, well, certainly not Nick Cardy and Vince Colletta as some people attribute. Sure the inks are Colletta, but Cardy had nothing to do with this. Some have suggested Dick Giordano, but I don't see any Giordano on this. the band in them background reminds me more of a Ric Estrada or an Artie Saaf. Regardless of who drew it, it is kinda cool and certainly somewhat timely. 

We begin with  the eight-pager "Hate Letters to Wilma," penciled by George Tuska.

That is followed by "First Kiss," a three-pager drawn by Ross Andu and Mike Esposito. 

Next we have a seven-page reprint from Girls' Love Stories #42  entitled "No Chance at Love."  This tale from 1956 was drawn by Arthur Peddy and Bernard Sachs.

Arthur F. Peddy is not really known to most comic fans, but he had a long career, starting in 1939 writing and drawing the Waco Kid for Fox in Mystery Men Comics #1-4. Peddy then moved to Harvey and then Quality, working out of the Iger shop. At Quality he worked on such features as Don Glory, Duke O'Dowd, Hercules, Rookie Rankin, but is best remembered as the co-creator of The Phantom Lady

Peddy left Quality in 1942 and didn't resurface till 1947 at DC, most likely his career being interrupted by a little thing called World War II. At DC Peddy drew Doctor Mid-Nite, Black Pirate, Wildcat, Hop Harrigan and The Justice Society of America. In 1952 Peddy jumped to Marvel where he drew War and mystery stories. He worked for both DC and Marvel up till 1956, when he went back to DC full-time.

He drew War books through 1957 when he then switched full-time to romance and finished out he career at DC doing romance books till 1971. He had one more story printed after that, in Batman #238 DC published a Golden Age Atom story intended for Flash Comics #105. The unpublished work was inked by Bob Oksner.

Our book ends with our cover story  "I Found My Love at the Woodstock Festival," a ten-page tale drawn by Murphy Anderson. There is debate on this story as well, some say Anderson is only the inker, but I certainly can't tell for sure. You can read more on this story on the excellent Romance Comic Blog Sequential Crush

This book was edited by Murray Boltinoff.


Dave Potts said...

On that cover, I'm gonna presume that "Robin" must be the guy kissing the girl, not the girl being kissed (but the other interpretation might have been an interesting change of pace for a romance comic).

Dave Potts said...

Now I want to see a romance comic with a story called "I Found My Love at Altamont"!