Friday, April 18, 2008

Swing With Scooter #13

Swing With Scooter #13 (On Sale: April 18, 1968) has a cover by Joe Orlando and Tex Blaisdell.

Inside we have Scooter starring in "Odd Jobs by Oddballs," "Hip History" and "Oh, Happy, Happy Here's Cap'n Clappy." Penny and Cookie star in "Buy Me, Give Me, Buy Me" and Malibu stars in an untitled strip.

Edited by Joe Orlando.


Dave Potts said...

The cover gag seems a bit risqué for an "Archie"-type kids humor comic of the era. Sure, Scooter's actions are innocent and unintentional, but still — he's unzipping this girl's blouse!

It's interesting to note that the red undershirt (or whatever sort of "undergarment" it's supposed to be) on the mannequin appears to have been added by the colorist, as there doesn't appear to be a line drawn at the top of the red area at the mannequin's neckline. I wonder if the red coloring (here and in the area being unzipped on the girl) was ordered to be added, in order to make it clear that Scooter wasn't exposing any actual skin.

rob! said...

yeah, that cover seemed a bit "dirty" to me when i first saw it! "Swing" with Scooter indeed!