Friday, April 18, 2008

Batman #202

Batman #202 (On Sale: April 18, 1968) has a fairly nice cover by Irv Novick, though they seemed to have run out of room for the logo. I think it would have worked better it they put the "Gateway to Death" across the bottom of the cover and moved the Batman logo up where it belongs.

"Gateway to Death" is by Gardner Fox, Chic Stone and Sid Greene. Batman and Robin investigate a series of psychic robberies in which objects appear to move with the power of mind over matter. Alfred has a clue to the identity of the Psychic Plunderer, but he passes out before he can finish telling Batman. His clue does lead the Dynamic Duo to the Eternal Gate Cemetery. Inside they find the crook and his henchmen. Batman overcomes the crooks and their tricks, then returns to Alfred's bedside.

The back-up Robin feature is "Menace of the Motorcycle Marauders" and is by Mike Friedrich, Chic Stone and Joe Giella. Dick Grayson is scheduled to make a speech for the upcoming junior class presidency elections at his school. However, on his trip to the school he is confronted by a motorcycle gang led by Tommy the Tramp, an expelled student. Dick battles the gang as Robin, and disguises himself as one of them in order to follow them back to their hideout. This was reprinted in Showcase Presents: Robin the Boy Wonder Vol. 1 TPB.

Edited by Julius Schwartz.

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