Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Metal Men #32

Metal Men #32 (On Sale: April 16, 1968) has a cover by Mike Sekowsky and Mike Esposito.

"The Metal Women Blues" is by Otto Binder, Mike Sekowsky and Mike Esposito and would end Binder's three-issue run as writer of this book. Jealous of Tin's partnership with Nameless, the other Metal Men petition Doc Magnus to create female counterparts for them. Doc is hesitant at first, but decides to give in to their request when he thinks that a Platinum Man might get Tina to direct her romantic attention elsewhere. Doc then creates Mercury Girl, Lead Girl, Gold Girl, Iron Girl, and Platinum Man.

The newly created robot girls join the original Metal Men on a mission against an alien invasion machine. The boys act superior which upsets the girls and causes division between the robots. Nameless and Tina side with the girls.

The alien attackers are amazon robots, and they create a sexy female robot to lure the male Metal Men into a trap.

Edited by Jack Miller.

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