Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Atom #37

Atom #37 (On Sale: April 2, 1968) has a nice cover by Gil Kane and Sid Greene.

"Meet Major Mynah" is by Gardner Fox, Gil Kane and Sid Greene. Ray Palmer joins an archaeological expedition in Cambodia. The team uncovers some golden treasure, but a mynah bird snatches one of them. Ray chases the bird as the Atom and uncovers an entire temple of gold statues. When Viet Minh soldiers discover the temple, the Atom fights them. The mynah bird even helps him survive an attack, but the bird is injured.

Ray takes the bird back to America when he returns. He names the bird Major Mynah and has Hawkman fashion special wings to overcome his injury. The Atom then uses Major Mynah for transport while defending the gold statues from being stolen by thieves. Jean Loring begins to suspect something when both the Atom and Ray have new birds, so Ray decides to make a disguise for Major Mynah's next outing.

Edited by Julius Schwartz.

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