Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Challengers of the Unknown #62

Challengers of the Unknown #62 (On Sale: April 2, 1968) has a Bob Brown cover.

The issue begins with "The Legion of the Weird" by Arnold Drake and Bob Brown. Ace is the victim of a voodoo spell conjured by Mistress Wycker, a sorceress petitioning to join a group of evil magicians. While Ace fights to stay alive, Rocky's grandmother provides a clue to stopping the spell. The other Challengers gather the necessary materials to construct a geechy bag, then they withstand several attacks to reach the sorceress. With Rocky's help, Ace throws the bag into the face of Wycker. The spell is broken, Ace regains his strength, and Mistress Wycker melts.

The back-up Challs story, "Me -- the Walking Nightmare," is also by Arnold Drake and Bob Brown. Red continues to tell his story about what happened after he was presumed dead. After consuming Multi-Man's liquid light formula, Red became a sea monster. Beach bum Herbert Pike caught him and convinces Red to become a side-show attraction.

When police begin to question him about a murder, Red changes form and flees with Pike. Pike brings him to an island and wants Red to take the form of the island god Seekeenakee. Red initially refuses. However when Pike attacks a girl named Tiana, Red becomes Seekeenakee and chases Pike away. After Tiana is accidentally killed, Red remains in his form as Seekeenakee and becomes the leader of the islanders.

Edited by Murray Boltinoff.

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