Friday, April 27, 2007

Strange Adventures #201

Strange Adventures #201 (On Sale: April 27, 1967) has a great Carmine Infantino and George Roussos Animal Man cover. What sells better than an purple gorilla? How about a purple gorilla in a black and white pen-striped suit and polka-dot tie? I love the colors on this one too: purple, green and orange.

Inside we have "The Cackling Conjurer" drawn by Bernard Baily. The Animal Man story is the second feature. "The Mod Gorilla Boss" is drawn by Jack Sparling. In it Buddy witnesses a robbery committed by a gang whose leader appears to be a gorilla. Buddy tries to stop the robbery as Animal-Man, but he can't absorb the gorilla's strength. After a pair of battles with the gorilla boss, Animal-Man is captured and locked up.

Edited by Jack Schiff.

This is the last issue of Strange Adventures with the original logo. It lasted unchanged for seventeen years, while the new logo, to be unveiled next issue, will last a year and a half. The problem with some books cannot be corrected by changing the logo. For years Strange Adventures had been the home of odd-ball science fiction stories and third-rate heroes like Immortal Man and Animal Man. In four months it would premiere a strip that would change the look of comic super-heroes forever, though it still would not garner any sales.

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