Friday, April 20, 2007

Metal Men #26

Metal Men #26 (On Sale: April 20, 1967) features a Ross Andru and Mike Esposito cover.

"Menace of the Metal Mods" is by Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito. In it while Doc Magnus works on a new plastic robot, the Metal Men attend a high school prom. The dance is disrupted by an attack by a group called the Metal Mods. The Mods are humans painted to look like robots, and they escape with Tina as their captive. However, Platinum leaves a trail for her teammates to follow. They come to her rescue and defeat the Metal Mods.

Before they can return to the dance, the robots hear a distress call which they trace to an alien world. The world is run by robots who need help against their human slaves that are rebelling. The Metal Men are hypnotized into working for the humans.

Edited by Robert Kanigher.

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