Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Doom Patrol #112

Doom Patrol #112 (On Sale: April 18, 1967) has a cover by Bruno Premiani.

Inside we have the cover story "Brothers in Blood" by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani. Continuing from last issues, the Doom Patrol and the Brotherhood of Evil become temporary partners against Zarox-13, who plots the destruction of the world. Madame Rouge becomes a "hostage" in the Doom Patrol "camp" to ensure the Brotherhood's good behavior, enabling the Chief to learn her true origin.

After an automobile accident, actress Laur De Mille suffered brain damage and became an uncontrollable schizophrenic, until "cured" by being turned totally to evil by the Brain.

The second story, "Waif of the Wilderness," is also by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani. In this retelling of Beast Boy's origin, Gar Logan gains the power to take on any animal form as a child, as well as green hair and skin, when his medical researcher father uses an experimental process to save him from a fatal jungle disease.

Edited by Murray Boltinoff.

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