Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hawkman #20

Hawkman #20 (On Sale: April 11, 1967) has a nice cover by Murphy Anderson.

Inside we have "Death of the Living Flame" by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson. On the Aegean island of Tharos, the Living Flame of Kalonika is extinguished and its guard slain. The evidence points to visiting archaeologist Carter Hall, who had been seeking an alternate entrance to the cave which housed the flame. Hawkgirl saves him from the mob, and they determine that their guide Gregory must be responsible. He was the only one who knew they'd discovered a hidden temple behind the flame. They come across him and his men looting the temple, and, as they battle, earthquakes shake the island.

The second story is the cover story "Lion-Mane -- the Tabu Menace" and is also by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson. On his way to meet archaeologist Ed Dawson in Iran, Hawkman saves a native lion-hunter from a lion attack, and also learns of Mithra, a meteor "god" that changed the lions in the valley to tame, domesticated beasts. It was forbidden to gaze upon Mithra, but a brave warrior did so. Immediately, the lions became wild again, and the warrior was transformed into a lion-man called Lion-Mane, who killed many men and women of the valley. When he died, the warrior warned that nobody should look at the meteor again. The lions would remain tame until someone broke the taboo and became the new Lion-Mane.

Edited by Julius Schwartz.

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