Friday, April 6, 2007

House of Mystery #167

House of Mystery #167 (On Sale: April 6, 1967) has a Dial H for HERO Jim Mooney cover.

Inside we have "The Fantastic Rainbow Raider" by David Wood and Jim Mooney. Crime chief Doc Quin invents a device that turns him into the Rainbow Raider. Quin's flesh becomes different colors of the rainbow. Each color gives him a different super-power. When he and his gang begin a series of robberies, Robby Reed uses his H-Dial to become Balloon Boy.

Robby catches up to the Rainbow Raider after a robbery, however Quin uses his powers to create an orange mist which covers his escape. When Balloon Boy finally catches up to the gang at another robber, the Rainbow Raider absorbs his energy and powers.

The backup story is "Marco Xavier, Manhunter's Ally" and features the Martian Manhunter. It is written by Jack Miller and drawn by Joe Certa. In it Mr. V contacts Marco Xavier and asks him to provide tips to the Martian Manhunter. Mr. V fears that Xavier has been too involved in Vulture's recent activities, so by tipping off the Manhunter he hopes to divert suspicion.

Since Xavier is really the Manhunter he follows the tip off and stops one of Vulture's crimes. When Mr. V orders Xavier to provide another tip, J'onn becomes suspicious. He discovers that Vulture has a bigger operation planned elsewhere, and the tips are being used to divert the Manhunter.

Edited by Jack Schiff.

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