Friday, February 13, 2009

Metal Men #37

Metal Men #37 (On Sale: February 13, 1969) has a cover by new editor Mike Sekowsky and George Roussos.

"To Walk Among Men" is written and penciled by Mike Sekowsky and inked by George Roussos.The Metal Men return to Earth after a space mission and find that the public wants them destroyed. The mayor forms a special council to decide their fate. A billionaire named Conan heads the council and orders the robots to be destroyed. The Metal Men reluctantly accept their end and are sent to an junkyard to be demolished.

The Metal Men are each placed into a compactor and believed destroyed. However, Conan has arranged for their secret escape. He intends to make them secret agents. With the help of artificial skin and other enhancements the Metal Men are converted into beings that appear human. They then establish themselves in ordinary profession where they can strike at a moment's notice.

Edited by Mike Sekowsky.


Dave Potts said...

What a great cover!

-Keller said...

I always enjoyed the books that Mike Sekowsky edited. They had covers that made you want to buy the book, not in a splashy way, but because you were intrigued by them.