Friday, February 27, 2009

Heart Throbs #119

Heart Throbs #119 (On Sale: February 27, 1969) has a cover by, well GCD says penciled by Jay Scott Pike., but I say this is Carmine Infantino and Dick Giordano. Really bland coloring mars this one.

We start with "The Boy We Loved" penciled by Tony Abruzzo. That's followed by "Hurry Toward Heartbreak" a reprint from Falling In Love #30 drawn by Mike Sekowsky and Bernard Sachs. Lastly is "3 Girls -- Their Lives...Their Loves Episode 18" penciled by Jay Scott Pike.

Edited by Joe Orlando, taking over from the fired Jack Miller.

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B Allen Krauz said...

Wow! You have an excellent eye to recognize this cover as being pencilled by Carmine! The angles, his head,...yes, Carmine all the way,..
with Giordano Inking...