Friday, February 20, 2009

Bat Lash #4

Bat Lash #4 (On Sale: February 20, 1969) has another great cover by Nick Cardy.

Our untitled Bat Lash story is by plotted and drawn by Nick Cardy and scripted by Denny O'Neil. Bat Lash is rescued by the women of a small town after he angers the men. He leaves town and witnesses a stagecoach robbery. He helps the pretty girl who is delivering a shipment of money and learns their is more money to be had. He drives the stagecoach into Mexico until a group of soldiers capture it.

Bat Lash eludes the soldiers and is found by a group of rebels. They force him to break into a nearby fort to get information from one of the prisoners. Led by a small boy, Bat Lash gets inside the fort and finds the stagecoach girl. She then gives him the information concerning a traitor to the local governor.

Bat Lash then escapes the fort with Little Jose, the boy who acted as his guide. Jose is shot during the escape, forcing Bat Lash to run hard to the next town. He is too late to save the boy, but he reaches the governor in time to warn him about a general who is the traitor. Bat Lash is rewarded, but he has mixed feeling because of Jose's death.

Edited by Joe Orlando.

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