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Flash #187

Flash #187 (On Sale: February 13, 1969) AKA Giant #G-58 has a cover by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito.

We begin with "The Man Who Stole Central City" reprinted from Flash #116 is by John Broome, Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella. A class of students from another dimension observes a replica of Central City. The replica was created when the teacher, Elider traveled to Earth’s dimension and captured an image of the city. In doing so, Elider encountered the Flash. The students are amazed by Flash and observe him through the replica which duplicates all that happens in the real Central City.

The replica also shows events one hour before they happen. Using this special feature, a bitter lab assistant, Modrie has crossed between worlds with knowledge of future events. Modrie takes the identity of M. Odriex and makes a fortune with his knowledge. However, when the government wants him to pay taxes, Modrie refuses.

Flash is about to investigate M. Odriex when Elider arrives and informs him that he has seen Flash die in the replica of Central City. Knowing his fate, Flash rushes off to confront M. Odriex. Using the information he was given, Flash is able to rig events at super-speed so that while it appears he is shot and killed by Modrie, he survives to capture his foe. Modrie is placed in jail, and Elider closes the dimensional barrier permanently.

Next is "Return of the Mirror-Master" reprinted from Flash #109 is by John Broome, Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella. Iris West and her assistant Hank are doing a newspaper article on Scudder, the Mirror Master. They have arranged to photograph Scudder in his jail cell. When the camera flash goes off, Scudder disappears. Instead of an empty cell, the photograph shows Scudder, but only three feet tall.

Scudder has used his trick mirrors to escape. He immediately resumes his criminal activities. Disguised by an aura of blinding light, Mirror Master robs a Central City bank. Flash penetrates the disguise, but when Mirror Master turns up the intensity Flash is blinded as well. Mirror Master slips away, but Flash was able to recover the stolen money.

After the encounter, Flash realizes that he is late for his date with Iris. Angry for being made to wait again, Iris breaks off her relationship with Barry Allen.

Mirror Master strikes again. Flash is shrunk by the same special mirror that Scudder used to break jail. Flash is able to restore himself to normal size back at Barry’s police lab. He then returns to the bank and captures Mirror Master.

Barry uses Mirror Master’s mirrors to trick Iris into repenting their break-up. However Barry slips on the mirror and is knocked out; thus he is late for his date with Iris again.

This is followed by "The Case of the Real-Gone Flash" reprinted from Flash #128 and is by John Broome, Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella. Abra Kadabra, a magician from the year 6363, travels back in time to find an audience who appreciates his magic. Arriving in the 20th century, Kadabra has little success in attracting attention. He sees reads a newspaper and sees that the way to get attention is by stealing.

Later in the park, Kadabra causes a new statue to disappear. The crowd attending the dedication contains Barry Allen. While Barry tries to stop Kadabra, he finds that he and the crowd are paralyzed. Kadabra strikes again later and defeats Flash with a hypno-ray.

Abra Kadabra then makes a performance at Central Hall. Flash again tries to stop the villain, but is propelled into space by Kadabra leaving nothing but an empty uniform behind. Flash lands on a small planet the size of a boulder. He uses his super-speed to launch himself back to Earth. He locates Kadabra’s hide-out and turns the hypno-ray on Kadabra. The paralyzed Kadabra is placed in prison.

We end with "The Mystery of Flash's Third Identity" reprinted from Flash #141 is by John Broome, Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella. The Top is back in town, but Flash has been unable to find him. He finally does, but the crook gets away. In the process Top’s costume is ripped.

Later, Flash saves a delivery boy from a falling wall. The package, the boy is delivering, is the Top’s torn uniform. Flash traces the uniform to tailor Paul Gambi. He disguises himself as "Trigger" Joe and asks Gambi to make him a costume. Gambi denies involvement in anything.

Flash again tangles with Top only to have the villain escape again. Believing his only lead is still Gambi, Flash returns to the tailor shop as Joe. This time Gambi is helpful and allows the disguised Flash to try on a costume. It turns out to be a trap since both Top and Gambi saw through the speedster’s disguise. Flash is able to turn the trap against his foes and captures them.

Edited by Julius Schwartz.

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