Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hawk and the Dove #2

Hawk and the Dove #2 (On Sale: August 27, 1968) has a cover by Steve Ditko.

"Jailbreak" is by Steve Skeates and Steve Ditko. While Hank and Don Hall are vacationing on their uncle's farm, a group of convicts escape from a nearby prison. While Hank and his father run in to several of them on the road, the two prison break organizers enter the farm house where Don and his mother are staying. Don tries to get them to surrender peacefully, but is unable to convince them.

Hank returns to the farmhouse and becomes Hawk. He then tackles one of the crooks. Don becomes the Dove, but he stands by his principles and does not resort to violence. When getting physically beaten by the other crook, he is able to subdue his opponent without hitting him. After the crooks are taken into police custody, Don feels that he has proven, at least to himself, that violence is unnecessary.

Edited by Dick Giordano.

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