Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Girls' Love Stories #138

Girls' Love Stories #138 (On Sale: August 13, 1968) has a cover obviously penciled by Carmine Infantino. Anyone care to guess the inker?

We begin with "A Second Look at Love" pencilled by Ric Estrada. That is followed by "Tell Me How to Love" drawn by John Romita and Bernard Sachs. Since Romita was drawing Spider-Man at Marvel by this time this is either a reprint or something from the vault that was seeing the light of day for the first time (blow the dust off of this baby!). Lastly we have our cover-story, "Don't Leave Me Again."

Edited by Jack Miller.


Anonymous said...

I think the man's head is the giveaway: Dick Giordano.

Steven Rowe said...

Right Scott, I was going to say that Dick Giordano is so overwhelming in this cover, that if not for the woman's jaw, I would say he penciled it too. I still might say he did (with Infantino layouts)