Friday, August 29, 2008

Bat Lash #1

Bat Lash #1 (On Sale: August 29, 1968) has a cover by Nick Cardy. I never cared for the coloring on this one, maybe the weakest of all the Bat Lash covers.

"We're A-Comin' ta Get You" is plotted by Sergio Aragones, scripted by Denny O'Neil and drawn by Nick Cardy. Bat Lash leaves No Hope Junction to avoid a lynch mob. On the road he meets a monk named Sebastian who offers him kindness. Sebastian has one piece of a marker that leads to the lost fortune of Don Sergio Aragones. After parting ways, Sebastian is killed by outlaws seeking the marker. Bat Lash is wounded while fighting them.

Bat Lash recovers in the town of Wormhole not far from the monastery where Sebastian was headed. He tells the monks there that Sebastian was killed, but the monks are really the outlaws. They then frame Bat for Sebastian's murder.

Bat escapes from jail and locates another traveling monk who carries another marker to the treasure. He takes the monk's place and returns to the monastery. He then sells the crooks the second marker. The sheriff catches Bat on the way out, but he talks his way out of trouble. While romancing Sebastian's niece, he discovers a third marker needed to find the treasure. He allows the sheriff to take the fortune after capturing the outlaws. Bat keeps the money he made from selling the second marker and leaves town. Shamelessly never reprinted.

Edited by Joe Orlando.

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