Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Green Lantern #64

Green Lantern #64 (On Sale: August 27, 1968) has a kind of bland cover by Mike Sekowsky and Joe Giella.

"Death to Green Lantern" is by Denny O'Neil, Mike Sekowsky and Joe Giella. While performing at a charity event, Green Lantern receives a dose a radiation which makes him act irresponsibly. The Guardians notice his behavior and take away his power ring. Green Lantern is soon contacted by a Coast City criminal who gives him new power rings which utilize laser technology. Green Lantern then continues his irresponsible rampage making him the enemy of police.

Green Lantern is finally apprehended after his new power rings run out of power. He is taken to state prison and placed in a cell next to Hector Hammond. Hammond explains that he was responsible for exposing Green Lantern to the radiation and now plans to kill his old foe. However before Hammond can finish his mental assault, three hippies bail Green Lantern out of jail.

Green Lantern then confronts Hammond's henchmen that gave him the power rings. He defeats them using his own skill and fists. After the fight, a Guardian appears and explains that Green Lantern still possesses his real power ring. Hammond only made Green Lantern believe that his ring was taken away. Green Lantern then recharges his ring and restores his good name.

Edited by Julius Schwartz.

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Steve Pick said...

Bland? Heck, I think that cover is pretty sharp. But, then, I was always a sucker for cover art with radiating lines like that, and I generally dig Sekowsky's body language.