Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Strange Adventures #212

Strange Adventures #212 (On Sale: March 26 1968) starts off with a nice dramatic Neal Adams Deadman cover.

"The Fatal Call of Vengeance" is written and drawn by Neal Adams; this is Neal's second story for DC. Unable to locate the Hook in Mexico, Deadman return to America when he finds that his brother Cleveland has taken his place at the Hills Brothers Circus. Cleveland hopes to smoke out his brother's killer and is nearly killed by a lion.

Deadman saves him, but he is unable to save Tiny, when the strong man dons the Deadman costume. Hook has hired Kleigman the animal trainer to impersonate him. Tiny chases Kleigman, which sets them both up for the Hook's sniper rifle. Deadman arrives too late, and the Hook escapes. Reprinted in Deadman #4.

The back-up story is "The Man with the Op Art Eyes" drawn by Lee Elias.

Dick Giordano has taken over as editor.

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