Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Falling In Love #99

Falling In Love #99 (On Sale: March 19, 1968) has a very mod cover by Ric Estrada.

A few years ago I shared an elevator in my hotel at the San Diego Comic-Con with Ric and I said something like, "I've always enjoyed your work." Ric responded by making sure his badge was not showing and then saying, "You have no idea who I am." I guess Ric was not used to being recognized. I said, "Ric, you are one of those guys who looks like you were drawn by you; your face looks like a Ric Estrada face."

Inside "Two Faces of Love" is drawn by John Rosenberger, "Stolen Dreams" drawn by Arthur Peddy and Bernard Sachs, and "Slave to Love" drawn by Ric Estrada.

Edited by Jack Miller.

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ShadZ said...

Is that a Palisades Park ad on the cover? Groovy!