Friday, March 21, 2008

Doom Patrol #119

Doom Patrol #119 (On Sale: March 21, 1968) has what I think is a very cool cover by Bob Brown. That 60s psychedelic vibe is flying high at DC this month!

"In the Shadow of the Great Guru" is by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani. The Yaramishi Rama Yogi, a mystic guru, transforms Robotman into an ardent pacifist who refuses to use violence for any reason. When the Doom Patrol investigates, the guru captures Negative Man and Elasti-Girl and inflicts them with unreasoning fear and hatred, respectively, which he can trigger in them at a given posthypnotic signal. The team members almost destroy each other before overcoming the Guru's power over them and battling him and his followers to a standstill.

The villain's true plot, however, succeeds. While the Doom Patrol is occupied with his machinations, he is able to undo the Chief's rehabilitation of Madame Rouge, who disappears and becomes a villainess in her own right, swearing to destroy the Chief.

Edited by Murray Boltinoff.


mykalel said...

That is ONE mighty fine cover. Even without the psychedelics, the perspective alone sells the shot. I've never really had much appreciation for Bob Brown's work but maybe it's time for a reappraisal.

-Keller said...

I know what you mean, Brown was never one of my favotites and yet, I find many of his covers from this era to be compelling as hell. This is what Mark Evanier refers to as "The Mike Sekowsky Effect."