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Our Army at War #190

Our Army at War #190 (On Sale: December 14, 1967) has a cover by Joe Kubert featuring Sgt. Rock's 6 Battle Stars.

We begin with "What Makes a Sergeant Run?," a Sgt. Rock reprint from Our Army at War #97 by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert. Sgt. Rock is pestered by a new recruit who asks him what a sergeant is. Before Rock can come up with an answer, Easy Co. comes under fire. They survive and take an enemy occupied farm house. Rock is pestered again and again by the recruit, but each time he is interrupted. Easy defends their position against a tank. Rock rescues the recruit and takes out the tank. Afterwards, the soldier has his answer without Rock saying a word. Sgt. Rock's actions have taught the kid what he wanted to know.

Next is "Tank Raiders", a Haunted Tank reprint from G.I. Combat #90 by Robert Kanigher and Russ Heath. The crew of the Haunted Tank stops to refresh themselves after a battle. While bathing, the tank is stolen by a group of enemy soldiers. Jeb and his crew chase down the tank in a jeep. They push the jeep off a cliff to block the road below. When the tank stops, the crew retakes it from enemy hands.

That is followed by "Death Dive," a Johnny Cloud reprint from All-American Men of War #84 by Robert Kanigher and Irv Novick. Johnny Cloud and the Happy Braves fly escort for a group of bombers. The bomber flight leader tells Johnny that this is his final mission. When the bomber is shot down by enemy fire, Johnny follows the plane to the ground and helps the wounded pilot out of the plane. German soldiers on the ground commandeer the plane forcing Johnny to pilot a bombing run on his own Navy.

Next we have "Jumping Jeep" reprinted from All-American Men of War #38 and created by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert.

Next is "Trail of the Terror Rockets," a Mademoiselle Marie reprint from Star Spangled War Stories #89 by Robert Kanigher and Mad Magazine favorite Mort Drucker. Mademoiselle Marie attempts to locate a secret German missile site. While disguised as a washer woman, Marie falls for a trick planted by Commandant Von Ekt. She eludes capture, but she is unable to learn the correct location.

When Marie attempts to rescue a captured pilot, who has seen the missile launch site, Marie herself is captured. She is taken to a labor camp, which she discovers is the missile site. She signals some Allied bombers with a mirror, and they destroy the site. Marie and the prisoners, including the captured pilot, overpower the guards and escape the camp.

That is followed by "Underwater Gunner," a Gunner and Sarge reprint from Our Fighting Forces #51 by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert. After taking out a machine gun nest on the side of a cliff, Gunner and Sarge encounter an enemy tank positioned on a river bank. Gunner and Sarge enter the river and swim toward the tank. Though they aren't as good as frogmen, they manage to destroy the tank.

After the battle, Sarge decides that they could use some real frogman training, so he asks his brother Eddie who is a navy man to teach them. Eddie leads Gunner and Sarge underwater where they are attacked by enemy frogmen. They fight off the frogmen only to encounter an enemy submarine. Somehow, they manage to change the course of a torpedo and take out the enemy sub.

The issue concludes with "Foxhole Pilot," a reprint from G.I. Combat #50 by Robert Kanigher and Irv Novick.

Edited by Robert Kanigher.

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