Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Brave and the Bold #76

Brave and the Bold #76 (On Sale: December 26, 1967) sports Neal Adams' sixth cover of the month for DC, this one featuring the odd combination of Batman and Plastic Man.

"Doom, What is Thy Shape?" is by Bob Haney, Mike Sekowsky and Jack Abel. Batman begins tracking a series of bizarre crimes. The trail leads him to a subway tunnel where he encounters a group of Plastoids, androids made of plastic. The Plastoids and their creator, the Molder, trap Batman in plastic and leave him to be killed by a subway car. Fortunately Batman is rescued by Plastic Man who has been tracking the Molder too.
This story does not specify which Plastic Man appears here. The first Plastic Man originated on Earth-2 and immigrated to Earth-X. Plastic Man #7 establishes that the original Plas has aged and now has a son that is active on Earth-1. There is also a Plastic Man that is native to Earth-1. This story takes place on Earth-1 as evidenced by Batman's appearance. Since it occurs while the son of the original Plas is active, it shall be assumed that the Plastic Man in this story is the original Plastic Man's son. Later Brave and the Bold team-ups feature the Plastic Man who is native to Earth-1.

The back-up story featuring Robin, "The Man Called '50-50'," is a reprint from Star Spangled Comics #128 and is by David Reed and Jim Mooney.

Edited by George Kashdan.

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