Wednesday, December 12, 2007

G.I. Combat #128

G.I. Combat #128 (On Sale: December 12, 1967) features another terrific Russ Heath Haunted Tank cover.

"The Ghost of the Haunted Tank," a reprint from G.I. Combat #95 begins the issue and is by Robert Kanigher and Russ Heath. Jeb Stuart receives a cryptic warning from the ghost of General Jeb Stuart. When the Haunted Tank is attacked by an enemy tank, Jeb uses the warning to escape. Then when the crew is knocked out, the general destroys the enemy tank.

The rest of Jeb's crew begins to think him crazy for believing in a ghost. Later when the Haunted Tank encounter six more enemy tanks, they are able to survive by positioning themselves in the middle of the enemy formation.

After the tanks are destroyed, Jeb's crew tie him up, believing that he is crazy. Slim takes command of the tank.

The back-up is also a reprint, this time from G.I. Combat #94 and is also by Robert Kanigher and Russ Heath. In "The Haunted Tank Vs Killer Tank" Jeb Stuart and the crew of the Haunted Tank approach the town of Crucy along with B Squadron. The squadron receives a radio message from the enemy warning them to turn back. The squad ignores the message and presses on towards the occupied town.

On the way the tanks are destroyed one by one by mysterious means. The radio warning even told the tank commanders which order the tanks would be destroyed. Jeb's tank is the next on the list.

Edited by Robert Kanigher.

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