Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Flash #176

Flash #176 (On Sale: December 5, 1967) has a fairly spooky Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson cover.

"Death Stalks the Flash" is by John Broome, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito. Illness befalls Iris Allen causing her to become delirious. In her fevered state, Iris fears for the life of her husband the Flash. Worried about his wife, the Flash is able to use his super-speed to transport himself into the dream dimension (Wow! Is there anything he can't do just by moving fast?). He finds Iris's dream and watches as a dream version of himself battles Death.

Next is "Professor West -- Lost, Strayed, or Stolen?" also by John Broome, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito. Professor Ira West attends a workshop to improve his memory. He recognizes another student in the class, but he cannot remember from where he knows him. After the workshop, West follows the man outside and suddenly remembers that he saw the man digging a hole outside Central University. The man is really a crook, who wants to find some buried loot that he has forgotten. The crook and his gang then force Professor West to lead them to the buried loot.

When Professor West fails to return to his daughter's house, Iris sends the Flash to look for him. The Flash uses a tracking device in Ira's watch to find the professor.

The third story is "Open the Door, Earthman" a reprint from Mystery In Space #34 by Otto Binder, Carmine Infantino and Bernard Sachs.

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