Friday, November 30, 2007

Strange Adventures #208

Strange Adventures #208 (On Sale: November 30, 1967) features just another wonderful Neal Adams Deadman cover. Oh how I loved the Eagle's costume and thought for sure that he was Boston's killer.

"How Many Times Can a Guy Die?" is plotted by Carmine Infantino, scripted by Jack Miller and drawn by Neal Adams. Sometime before his murder, Boston Brand had a brief association with an arrogant trapeze artist/acrobat called Eagle, who had initially been hired by Lorna Hill to help hype their show in St. Louis. But the rehearsals led to Eagle's attempted murder of Brand, a terrible fight between the two aerialists, and Eagle being kicked off the show by Brand. Eagle swore to get revenge on Brand. Now, Deadman thinks that Eagle could be his killer.

Much to his chagrin, Deadman discovers that Lorna has hired Eagle as the circus's new aerialist. When Eagle puts the moves on Lorna, Deadman inhabits Tiny's body and knocks Eagle down. A remark Eagle then makes about Brand being dead, just as he had warned him, leads Deadman to believe that Eagle is truly his killer. This story was reprinted in Deadman #2.

The back-up story is "Gorillas in Space" by Bill Finger, Carmine Infantino and Bernard Sachs and is a reprint from Strange Adventures #64.

Edited by Jack Miller.


Karswell said...

Deadman is great. Of all the silver age stuff I own this Strange Adventures series run is one that I continually dig back out and re-read a couple times a year... love it! And also the Jim Aparo Spectre stuff from Adventure Comics (431-440.)

-Keller said...

I always thought Deadman was a brilliant concept (way to go Arnold!), skillfully executed (way to go Neal) and featuring one of the great super-hero costumes of all time (way to go Carmine!). Adams really cared for the character and his multiple attempts (sometimes subliminal) to bring Boston Brand into the DC mainstream were much appreciated at the Keller household. Well, in one bedroom in it anyway.

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