Friday, November 16, 2007

Secret Hearts #125

Secret Hearts #125 (On Sale: November 16, 1967) features a cover penciled by Jay Scott Pike and maybe inked by the dreaded Vinnie Colletta who rears his ugly head for the first time on our blog. Colletta has stopped working for DC in 1959 but beginning with this issue makes his less than triumphant return. Ugh!

We begin with "I'll Get Even with You" by persons unknown and "A Long Way from Love" penciled by Vinnie Colletta. This issue concludes with "Reach for Happiness -- Episode 16" which is penciled by Jay Scott Pike.

Edited by Jack Miller.


rob! said...

i love the monochrome background--a gorgeous cover!

i'm surprised Roy Lichtenstein didn't just cut off the logo, frame it, and sell this for a cool million in some art gallery.

-Keller said...

Sad but true!

Dan said...

Beautiful woman, you know she was drawn by Vinnie Colletta!