Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Metamorpho #16

Metamorpho #16 (On Sale: November 28, 1967) features a cover by Sal Trapani.

"Jezeba, Queen of Fury" is by Bob Haney and Sal Trapani. When Sapphire unexpectedly marries Wally Bannister, Metamorpho seeks a return to his old life as Rex Mason. He is approached by a mysterious figure known as Mr. Shadow and recruited to find the legendary land of Ma-Phoor. He embarks on the quest and soon finds the city south of Ethiopia.

Upon his arrival, Metamorpho soon realizes that Mr. Shadow is actually an agent of Ma-Phoor and has intentionally brought Metamorpho to the city. Metamorpho then meets Jezeba, the Queen of Ma-Phoor. She tells him about her history and of her former lover Algon, who is a doppleganger for Metamorpho.

Jezeba believes that Metamorpho is Algon and wishes to marry him. With Sapphire lost to him, Metamorpho agrees until he learns that Jezeba plans to invade the outside world. This story has been reprinted in Showcase Presents:Metamorpho Vol. 1 TPB.

Edited by George Kashdan.

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