Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Showcase #72

Showcase #72 (On Sale: November 28, 1967) features a nice Russ Heath cover of Johnny Thunder in an issue branded Top Gun.

The issue begins with a Trigger Twins story "Sheriff on a Spot," reprinted from All-Star Western #101 by Robert Kanigher, Gil Kane and Joe Giella. That is followed by an Epics of the Texas Rangers story "Panhandle Terror," reprinted from All_American Western #125 written and drawn by Joe Kubert. Rounding out this all-reprint issue is Johnny Thunder in "Unseen Allies," from All-American Western #104 by Robert Kanigher and Alex Toth.

Edited by Robert Kanigher.

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Ed said...

Wow- what a line-up of artists.
Heath, Kane, Kubert and Toth. And the coloring on the Trigger Twins story is pretty good - very 68/69ish!