Friday, September 28, 2007

Strange Adventures #206

Strange Adventures #206 (On Sale: September 28, 1967) has a very nice Mike Sekowsky and George Roussos cover. You can use this as a trivia question to stump your friends, "Who besides Infantino and Adams drew Deadman in his first year?" Chances are Sekowsky is not going to be their first guess.

Inside we have "An Eye for an Eye" by Jack Miller, Neal Adams and George Roussos. Miller took over editing and kicked Arnold Drake out of his own series. This is the book most people think of when they think of Adams' first super-hero story. Boston Brand has been given a second life in spirit form as Deadman in order to find his own murderer. His search leads him away from the Hills Bros. circus, but before he leaves he stops to visit Lorna Hill, the owner. She is meeting with her brother Jeff, who claims to have taken out an insurance policy of Boston's life. Jeff is facing money problems, which leads Boston to suspect Jeff of his murder.

Deadman takes over Jeff's body as he meets with a motorcycle gang led by Morty. Morty is blackmailing Jeff, claiming that he has evidence that Jeff murdered Lenny Deane in Dayton. While this gives Jeff an alibi for Boston's murder, Deadman suspects that Jeff is innocent of Deane's murder too. He finds evidence that proves Morty was the real killer. After saving Jeff's life, Deadman forces Morty to confess. When Deadman leaves his body, Jeff has no memory of the adventure, but he is now cleared of the murder rap. Reprinted in World's Finest Comics #223 and Deadman #1.

The backup story is a reprint from Strange Adventures #64, "The Earth-Drowners" is by Joe Samachson, Jerry Grandenetti and Joe Giella.

Edited by Jack Miller.

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