Friday, September 28, 2007

Action Comics #356

Action Comics #356 (On Sale: September 28, 1967) has Neal Adams' second super-hero cover with not the greatest of layouts.

Inside we have "The Son of the Annihilator" by Leo Dorfman and Wayne Boring. Continuing the story from last issue, Karl Keller, the Annihilator, has ordered Superman to leave Earth. The Kryptonian chemicals that give him an explosive punch also make him a danger to the entire planet. If Superman uses force upon him, the resulting explosive will destroy Earth. Superman is also forced to protect the Annihilator when ordinary police try to stop him, for fear that a destructive explosion may occur.

The Annihilator decides to take a young pickpocket named Pete under his wing. He hopes that the boy will also allow him to establish a secret identity. Instead, the boy inspires him to greater feats of villainy including taking over the White House.

Superman tries to prevent more destruction and helps evacuate Washington. When the Annihilator punches Superman, he discovers that his power has worn off. The Man of Steel attempts to apprehend the villain, but Pete steps in to protect his mentor. Pete has taken the Annihilator's chemical concoction and now possesses an explosive punch too.

The back-up Supergirl story is "The Girl of Straw" by Cary Bates and Jim Mooney. I know I have this book somewhere, but getting to my collection is a pain in the ass right now.

Edited by Mort Weisinger.

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